The Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG) Consortium is a vehicle to bring innovative services based on blockchain technology to members of the consortium.

Initial use cases include:

  • International remittances
  • Mobile-account top-ups
  • Mobile wallet payments
  • Roaming charge settlements
  • Identification and authentication

Carriers will further differentiate themselves with new services that generate value and upgrade existing services to be more secure, lower cost, streamlined and faster.

The services will be based on TBCASoft’s innovative platform specifically designed for carriers that utilizes blockchain technology. TBCASoft is a US-based start-up developing a consortium-based blockchain platform specifically for the telecommunication industry.

We are teaming up with global telecommunication leaders to build a secure, robust, and scalable cross-carrier blockchain platform. This platform will create a borderless ecosystem providing unified trust to billions of mobile users worldwide.

We are building this TRUST to change the world.

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