What are the benefits of joining the CBSG Consortium?

The CBSG Consortium will help incubate cross-Carrier (including cross-border) services based on a next generation blockchain platform specifically designed for the telecom industry.

The Consortium facilitates inter-Carrier dialogues in technical, business and regulatory topics where required for new blockchain-based services.

Is the consortium open to all Carriers?

Yes, all Carriers are welcome to join the Consortium. Together we will form an ecosystem for all Carriers to better adapt to the blockchain revolution.

What is TBCASoft’s role in the Consortium?

TBCASoft provides the next generation blockchain platform that Consortium members will use to develop blockchain-based solutions. TBCASoft also plays a neutral role to operate the cross-Carrier blockchains, under the governance rules agreed to by all Consortium members.

What are the strengths and advantages of TBCASoft's blockchain technology?

TBCASoft's blockchain platform is specifically designed for the Carrier environment. Its blockchain solutions minimize the system integration efforts for Carriers.

The unique token model design is more secure than most common crypto-currencies and is regulation friendly.

Its blockchain has high-performance and is scalable to meet the production requirements for cross-Carrier business.

What is the main difference between TBCASoft’s blockchain and the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain?


  • designs a cross-Carrier blockchain platform under a higher security measurement;
  • designs a crypto-token model, not a crypto-currency model, so it avoids the volatility that comes with crypto-currencies;
  • does not mine, resulting in a much lower hardware requirement.


Is a consortium-based blockchain secure?

The TBCASoft blockchain has anti-tamper characteristics. It is designed to keep important information behind Carrier firewalls securely.

Do you plan to handle or issue cryptocurrency (ICO)?

No, TBCASoft uses a unique, IOU-based crypto-credit model that satisfies the need for Carrier asset transfers.

Do you plan to handle Bitcoin?

No, TBCA's blockchain implementation is different from Bitcoin's blockchain. We currently do not have plans to handle Bitcoin.

What currency does CCPS (Cross-Carrier Payment Service) blockchain handle?

CCPS (Cross-Carrier Payment Service) is designed to support inter-Carrier fiat currency transfers. Our IOU crypto-credit model is designed to piggy-back fiat currencies backed by Carriers. Carriers can choose the currencies based on their service requirement.

What is the CCPS (Cross-Carrier Payment Service) blockchain privacy policy to protect private information? Can the CCPS blockchain keep the privacy policy of each Carrier? What information can a participating Carrier see in another Carrier's transactions?

CCPS (Cross-Carrier Payment Service) has a layered architecture where no privacy information is stored or distributed in the CCPS blockchain network. All private information is managed by Carriers and separated by Carrier firewalls from the distributed information in the blockchain layer. No personal data is saved in the blockchain. All information stored in the blockchain is anonymous to other Carriers.


What services are under development in Carrier pilot programs?

The Mobile Payment working group: Developing a cross-Carrier (including cross-border) payment service.

The Remittance working group: Developing a remittance service that is easier, more efficient and much lower lost.