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Of all industries, the telecom industry is poised to seize the greatest share of the potential value of blockchain. In section one of this paper, Accenture Strategy will introduce a new proposition for the telecom industry: blockchain as the basis for telcos to become value aggregators and massively expand earnings and influence by collaborating to support an international network of value transfer. In section two, TBCASoft will build on this new idea of a telco blockchain consortium by introducing the “perfect fit” to the opportunity proposed by Accenture Strategy. Supported by Accenture Strategy’s industry and technology analysis, TBCASoft presents a compelling argument for telcos to join their Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG).
On May 4, 2020 IBM and TBCASoft published a joint white paper. COVID-19 is accelerating consumer preference for contactless payments and Mobile Service Providers are ideally positioned. Service Providers should launch contactless payment services enabled by TBCASoft’s Cross-Carrier Payment System and join the CBSG Consortium that greatly expands the user and merchant base for their payment service — it accelerates the network effect to a global scale.