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TBCASoft, the cross-carrier blockchain technology leader, announced the Initial Close of Series B funding, in which it raised up to $25 million. The investment was led by Naver Financial Corporation (“Naver Financial”), a subsidiary of South Korea’s internet giant Naver Corporation, with participation from existing investor SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”). Naver Financial becomes the second largest institutional investor, investing up to $20 million, while SoftBank, with up to a $5 million investment in this round, will remain the largest institutional investor. The strategic investment by Naver Financial and SoftBank reinforces the shared vision of providing the largest open mobile payment network to offer a ubiquitous merchant acceptance experience. Proceeds of the Series B will be used to step-up international expansion of the HIVEX™ Network, starting from the roll-out across Northeast Asia including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, followed by Southeast Asia, and will also be used to attract additional talent and drive more innovations.
PChome InterPay and TBCASoft jointly announced the participation of Pi Plus in the HIVEX™ payment platform. HIVEX, an open mobile payment platform developed by TBCASoft enables transactions among different mobile payment service providers, creating a ubiquitous merchant acceptance experience for mobile payment users around the world under the HIVEX brand. Pi Plus is a digital payment service developed by PChome InterPay, a mobile payment arm of leading Taiwan fintech company Pi Mobile Technology. By joining the HIVEX payment platform, Pi Plus users will be able to complete mobile payment transactions using Pi Plus in Japan at up to 2.5 million merchant stores showing the HIVEX acceptance mark. The HIVEX payment platform is currently service ready and anticipating the reopening of international travel and regulatory approval.
Sunnyvale & Taipei
POB transactions between Asia Pacific Telecom and US carrier validates CCPS-enabled live retail purchases
The Carrier Blockchain Study Group (“CBSG”), the global blockchain consortium of telecom carriers and US-based TBCASoft (“TBCASoft”), today announced that Taiwan-based Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd. (“APTG”) and a US-based carrier jointly completed Proof-of-Business (POB) mobile payment transactions enabled by the Cross-Carrier Payment System (CCPS) platform, a cross-carrier blockchain payment network developed by TBCASoft. The CCPS network aims to create the largest open payment network enabling cross-border transactions and interoperability for mobile payment solutions globally.
In the December 2019 POB, mobile subscribers from the US carrier visiting Taiwan used their mobile payment app to complete purchases at a participating merchant while on APTG’s payment network called Gt Pay, which is connected to the CCPS network. CCPS enables the transactions to be conveniently billed and paid through direct carrier billing in the purchaser’s home currency.


Telcos & Mobile Finance, An Opportunity Too Big to Miss

GSMA Mobile 360 Thrive Latin America 2020

On December 1, Ling Wu, Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium and CEO & Founder of TBCASoft spoke as part of the GSMA Thrive Latin America conference. Mobile operators know they need to take part in mobile finance but can be deterred by high entry barriers. HIVEX can solve this and is now Service Ready for any mobile service provider, including OTT mobile payment service providers (MPSP) to successfully transform into a trusted mobile finance solutions provider.

Interview with Forkast News: How Telco Companies Could Become Banks

GSMA MWC Shanghai 2019

Initial solutions will be for transactions such as mobile wallet, remittance and top up. ‘So you have Hong Kong Telecom mobile service and I have T-Mobile. My account so far, is just used to pay phone bills. Imagine, without using an OTT service, I text you $5, so T-Mobile bills me $5 and you immediately receive a $5 credit.’ Carriers could potentially be like a bank.

How Telcos Can Reshape Digital Commerce

GSMA Mobile 360 Digital Societies 2019

On September 24, at the GSMA Mobile 360 Digital Societies Conference — Ling Wu, Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium and CEO & Founder of TBCASoft led a panel that included Budi Satria, Chief Commercial Officer of Telin and Takeshi Fukuizumi, Head of Blockchain and Fintech at SoftBank Corp. Both Telin and SoftBank Corp. are members of the CBSG Consortium.


Of all industries, the telecom industry is poised to seize the greatest share of the potential value of blockchain. In section one of this paper, Accenture Strategy will introduce a new proposition for the telecom industry: blockchain as the basis for telcos to become value aggregators and massively expand earnings and influence by collaborating to support an international network of value transfer. In section two, TBCASoft will build on this new idea of a telco blockchain consortium by introducing the “perfect fit” to the opportunity proposed by Accenture Strategy. Supported by Accenture Strategy’s industry and technology analysis, TBCASoft presents a compelling argument for telcos to join their Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG).
On May 4, 2020 IBM and TBCASoft published a joint white paper. COVID-19 is accelerating consumer preference for contactless payments and Mobile Service Providers are ideally positioned. Service Providers should launch contactless payment services enabled by TBCASoft’s Cross-Carrier Payment System and join the CBSG Consortium that greatly expands the user and merchant base for their payment service — it accelerates the network effect to a global scale.