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Tokyo and Silicon Valley

Merchant-Scan Transactions are Now Enabled on the HIVEX® Network for International Mobile Payment Users to Seamlessly Scan-and-Pay at Major Retail Merchants in Japan.

After the successful October 2023 HIVEX® payment network launch of MPM (Merchant-Present Mode; when a consumer uses their mobile app to scan a QR code), HIVEX is now launching CPM (Consumer-Present Mode), which enables a merchant POS scanner to scan QR codes and/or barcodes on the consumer’s mobile device.
Taipei and Silicon Valley / Sunnyvale

HIVEX® enables banks to expand On-Us capabilities to cross-border transactions at millions of PayPay merchants in Japan.

TBCASoft, Inc. announces that E.SUN Bank is live on the HIVEX® payment network. Millions of E.SUN Bank customers with their E.SUN Wallet can seamlessly and securely make purchases at millions of PayPay affiliated stores throughout Japan.
Seoul and Sunnyvale
HIVEX adds another 1.7 million merchants to the platform; total coverage increases to 5.8 million merchants and 76.5 million users globally.
TBCASoft, Inc. announces the expansion of HIVEX into South Korea by partnering with Bizplay Co., the newest member of the HIVEX Network. Bizplay is the operator of Zero Pay that has 1.7 million merchants across South Korea. By joining HIVEX, it allows Zero Pay merchants to accept QR payments from millions of international travelers using their existing payment applications without additional downloads.
This announcement follows closely with the successful commercial launch of HIVEX’s cross-border payment services for travelers inbound into Japan. Now, international travelers are enjoying the seamless HIVEX payment experience using their trusted, home mobile payment application while in Japan.


MWC Las Vegas 2022

GSMA MWC Las Vegas Conference 2022

On September 28, at the GSMA MWC Las Vegas Conference, Ling Wu, Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium and CEO & Founder of TBCASoft spoke about the “Transformation of Payments.”  Consumers want fast, secure, and accessible mobile payment services to work anywhere they go. TBCASoft’s HIVEX® Network solves the complexity for mobile payment service providers allowing merchants and overseas travelers to do business.

Telcos & Mobile Finance, An Opportunity Too Big to Miss

GSMA Mobile 360 Thrive Latin America 2020

On December 1, Ling Wu, Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium and CEO & Founder of TBCASoft spoke as part of the GSMA Thrive Latin America conference. Mobile operators know they need to take part in mobile finance but can be deterred by high entry barriers. HIVEX can solve this and is now Service Ready for any mobile service provider, including OTT mobile payment service providers (MPSP) to successfully transform into a trusted mobile finance solutions provider.

Interview with Forkast News: How Telco Companies Could Become Banks

GSMA MWC Shanghai 2019

Initial solutions will be for transactions such as mobile wallet, remittance and top up. ‘So you have Hong Kong Telecom mobile service and I have T-Mobile. My account so far, is just used to pay phone bills. Imagine, without using an OTT service, I text you $5, so T-Mobile bills me $5 and you immediately receive a $5 credit.’ Carriers could potentially be like a bank.


Of all industries, the telecom industry is poised to seize the greatest share of the potential value of blockchain. In section one of this paper, Accenture Strategy will introduce a new proposition for the telecom industry: blockchain as the basis for telcos to become value aggregators and massively expand earnings and influence by collaborating to support an international network of value transfer. In section two, TBCASoft will build on this new idea of a telco blockchain consortium by introducing the “perfect fit” to the opportunity proposed by Accenture Strategy. Supported by Accenture Strategy’s industry and technology analysis, TBCASoft presents a compelling argument for telcos to join their Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG).
On May 4, 2020 IBM and TBCASoft published a joint white paper. COVID-19 is accelerating consumer preference for contactless payments and Mobile Service Providers are ideally positioned. Service Providers should launch contactless payment services enabled by TBCASoft’s Cross-Carrier Payment System and join the CBSG Consortium that greatly expands the user and merchant base for their payment service — it accelerates the network effect to a global scale.