25 January 2021 - Pi Plus to be Accepted in Japan via HIVEX® Payment Platform in 2021

Taipei, Taiwan; January 25, 2021 – PChome InterPay, Inc. (“PChome InterPay”) and TBCASoft, Inc. (“TBCASoft”) jointly announced the participation of Pi Plus in the HIVEX® payment platform. HIVEX, an open mobile payment platform developed by TBCASoft enables transactions among different mobile payment service providers, creating a ubiquitous merchant acceptance experience for mobile payment users around the world under the HIVEX brand. Pi Plus is a digital payment service developed by PChome InterPay, a mobile payment arm of leading Taiwan fintech company Pi Mobile Technology. By joining the HIVEX payment platform, Pi Plus users will be able to complete mobile payment transactions using Pi Plus in Japan at up to 2.5 million merchant stores showing the HIVEX acceptance mark. The HIVEX payment platform is currently service ready and anticipating the reopening of international travel and regulatory approval.

HIVEX technology is a Cross-Carrier Payment Blockchain network operated by global telecommunication carriers designed to clear transactions more efficiently between different mobile payment services providers. The transactions are anonymous as no merchant or consumer PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is shared or stored across the network, leading to strong privacy protection. HIVEX technology is a non-cryptocurrency implementation complementing the current banking system and designed to be compliant with the existing financial regulatory framework globally.

Ling Wu, Founder and CEO of TBCASoft and Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium said, “We are delighted to welcome Pi Plus into our HIVEX platform. This is aligned with our company objective of connecting mobile wallets around the world to share and maximize merchants and user resources. By using our advanced blockchain technology capabilities to streamline the cross-border payment process, our partners are able to more efficiently provide their users access to other merchants around the world.”

Luke Han, CEO of PChome InterPay said, “This partnership with TBCASoft is an important milestone for our company to further expand our mobile payment capabilities to provide more services to our users. Our users will have the ability to travel to Japan and use Pi Plus at HIVEX acceptance points, reducing their need to carry cash. As the HIVEX network expands and scales, so will the number of places our users will be able to use Pi Plus to pay for purchases internationally.”


About TBCASoft

TBCASoft is a U.S.-based company developing innovative blockchain technology specifically for telecommunication carriers and mobile payment service providers (MPSP). Its consortium-based blockchain platform enables carriers and MPSP to create innovative services for their subscribers under a more secure, robust and efficient environment.


About PChome InterPay

PChome InterPay is 100% owned by leading Taiwan fintech company Pi Mobile Technology. PChome InterPay is approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C. to obtain an electronic payment license. Pi Plus is the online and offline digital payment service brand provided by PChome InterPay.


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